The languages department encompasses three languages namely: English, French and Kiswahili. The teachers are: English:

  • Mr.Donna Odongo
  • Mr Robert Ouko
  • Mr Nelson Wara
  • Madam Phindous
  • Mrs Ruto


  • Mr. Sianje
  • Mr. Omtamba
  • Mr.Dominic Mposi
  • Mr. Dancan Abutho
  • Mr. Kosgei
  • Mrs. Sarah Wejuli


  • Madam Maurine

The department is at the core of all programme because language is the medium of communication therefore it supports all other subjects.

Students take English and Kiswahili languages since they are compulsory while French is offered as an optional language.  The department has continued to enjoy satisfactory results in the past years.  Due to the commitment shown by the members of staff in this department we expect to continue posting excellent results. A special gratitude to the members of department for their unity in striving together to bring harmony and cohesion in the languages department.