Guidance and counselling

Guidance and counseling is very crucial in any given learning institution. In Segero, we have a very strong Guidance and counseling department which ensures that our students are well guided in various areas of life.

Despite the fact that we have counselors in the department,all the teachers are basically involved. This is done through many forums:

  • Teacher parents
    This is where a teacher acts like the parent of a number of selected students in school. The teacher takes responsibility of molding the students in his /her family.
  • Motivational speakers
    The school hires motivational speakers who regularly mentor the students in various ways and aspects of life.
  • Peer teachers and mentors – Every year the school contracts the best students in KCSE exams and also disciplined students assist students in academic matters and also mentor them on how to achieve their goals in school.
  • Peer counselors are also trained across the board to help their peers in different classes.