Welcome Note


I take this opportunity to welcome you all to Segero Adventist High School. Segero is a home away from home comprising of students, teachers and non-teaching staff.The school has been blessed with a team of highly-qualified and committed teachers. The teachers offer support that goes beyond the assumed academic role rather it includes, mentorship and character modification. Furthermore, the support offered by the dedicated non-teaching staff has gone a long way in ensuring that the school’s fairytale success story never ends. We thank and salute these men and women who have given their time, knowledge and invaluable service.

As an administrator and educator, I believe children hold the future promise of our nation.  I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world and it is my role to assist them discover who they are, inspire them and help them realize their dreams and above all prepare them for eternity

I appreciate that learners have different learning abilities but as an educator I acknowledge that it is my noble calling to make all of them realize their full potential and achieve the best they can in their lives.

As our school motto goes “In God We Excel”, we strongly believe in God and always depend on Him in all our undertakings. Our students are also taught handwork and depending upon God. This has resulted to a high discipline level in our school and hence good academic performance.

Welcome to Segero and always feel free to contact us for any information concerning the institution.  Be Blessed.

The Chief Principal

Mr Musamali W. Oscar